Dr. Jairo Mancilha ist ein brasilianischer Arzt, Trainer und Businesscoach. Er hat 5 Jahre lang ein Programm für die Indianer des oberen Amazonas geleitet, veranstaltet die größte südamerikanische Coaching-Konferenz und gibt Kurse in NLP, Coaching, Kommunikation und Performance Improvement. Er ist bekannt als kreativer Inspirator und Coach in Nord- und Südamerika und Europa und gilt mit seinem ganzheitlichen Coaching-Ansatz als einer der kreativsten Köpfe der Szene.

Das Interview wurde in 2009, anläßlich des EU-Jahrs der Kreativität und Innovation geführt. Die Interviewsprache war Englisch.

Dr. Jairo Mancilha


What does Creativity mean to you?  
to solve problems well · to create options · to create options of problem solving · thinking outside the box · see different · creare (Latin): to create, to activate, to see the unseen  
Where could one generally benefit from creativity – Whatfore is creativity of most benefit?  
Find solutions to problems · do more with less · e.g. in educations: show the students ... how to be different ... their possibilities (how I could be)  
What should people know about creativity? 
Everybody is creative! its inside · you always have the tools  
What do you think are the key factors by which creativity is ...
a) ... inhibited:
b) ... promoted / supported:
c) ... increased:
a) judgement · rigidity (education system)
b) facing new challenges · learning by doing
c) belief (everybody is creative everybody · has the resources) · giving opportunities · appreciate curiosity · appreciate the belief “everyone is creative” · understand: there is always a freedom in choice · understand the deeper structure of creativity · give freedom to choose  
From your point of view, what should be done in order to give people (more) access to creativity? 
Appreciate sports (movement) · Appreciate differences · esp. in the educational system: Focus on more than just intelligence / foster multiple intelligences 
Which question about creativity (in general/ deliberate creativity) is still open/ should be answered? 
How to put people into a good state?
How to make teachers more creative? (Big impact)  
What would make SENSE to you in a year of creativity? 
Course for teacher on creativity: How to teach creativity 
What would be your REQUEST for the Year of Creativity? 
Focus on creativity (media/ contest) · show the many faces of creativity 
Which OFFER around creativity would you find worthwhile/ interesting/ necessary? 
Course for teacher · making a contest 
What ACTIVITY in that year of creativity would you find advantageous/ important? 
- more sun · more dancing/ moving
- creativity has a lot of faces
- helping people to activate their creativity  
What is the essence of your work?  
Don’t suffer so much, just be creative! · Power of goals 
What is your MESSAGE about creativity/ for the Year of Creativity & Innovation? 
Focus more on creativity · Have more fun · showing ideas and how to create ideas 
What would you actually wish for or from (the term) creativity? How would you complete
a WIBNI sentence (Wouldn’t it be nice if ...)
WIBNI if creativity was appreciated as a way to bring people together, and make more friendship + connections